Are you looking for a non-toxic alternative?

The Love Organics Company was my first “baby” and how I began to create my vision to provide access to true, anti-inflammatory products for the family & home.

It became obvious to me, throughout my journey, that most people did not have the opportunity to easily purchase pure, certified & organic product and didn’t understand why they should?

Love Organics was my first way of reaching out with non-toxic solutions and providing peace of mind that what they purchased form us, was safe. As we only supply certified organic and natural products, our customers come to us with the confidence that what they buy is as pure as it claims to be, with no nasty surprises hiding in the ingredients list!

It has been my pride and joy and I’m pleased to say has gone from strength to strength. We are in the process of opening our first premises, and now with The M Word, they both go hand in hand together. Fully promoting and achieving a safe and pure alternative to the toxicity that surrounds us.

To learn more, take a look at “our story so far” on The Love Organics Company website and browse our certified natural and organic selection of skincare, beauty, family, home and wellbeing products;


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