Inflammation and toxicity all increase our chance of disease and illness. Long term inflammation and toxic chemical interaction can even be life threatening and has been proven to cause death.

I had to be reactive nearly 18 years ago, when diagnosed with an inflammatory disease and being faced with the daunting task of researching how to avoid and fight inflammatory triggers. The past 18 years of research has given me this unique opportunity to share what I have learnt, with you. Whether you already have health issues or are one of the lucky ones and in good health, we all need to be aware how inflammation and toxic properties can negatively affect our health and how to avoid it.

The M Word is dedicated to providing that information, you don’t need to do the research, as I have done it for you!


There will be some interesting and shocking things you will learn through the blog, some fabulous easy tips and some life long lessons you can take with you and go on and live a healthy and fulfilled life as much as possible.

Let's be assured together, that you're controlling what you can and respecting your precious life, as it deserves.





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