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October 22, 2017

October is Breast Cancer Awareness month. Therefore, I’ve compiled a quick checklist for you to consider. It includes necessary lifestyle changes for you to achieve looking and feeling on your ‘A Game”, but are also key points in fighting against Breast Cancer.

Diet- ta...

August 1, 2017

I don’t know about you, but I often worry about the chemicals used when going for a beauty treatments? I find myself considering if it is actually good for me to be having this treatment, taking into account all the toxic preservatives and ingredients used in general b...

June 9, 2017

In my teens and early twenties, I found myself between cosmetic brands, trying to find my right foundation shade and one that didn’t make my skin react. I don’t even have sensitive skin, but I was tired of breakouts and unnecessary dryness because of the ingredients us...

May 23, 2017

An inflamed and irritable skin condition like rosacea, can not only play havoc with your skin health, but also with your skin confidence. Having suffered a little with this condition myself, I understand the frustration it can cause. Here are a few tips that I’ve learn...

May 21, 2017

Due to The Love Organics Shop opening in less than week at Heskin Hall (eeekkkkkk!!), I thought I’d brush up on my makeup skills and book in for some Jane Iredale training this week.  If you aren’t familiar with the brand, at Love Organics it is our first and main cosm...

May 9, 2017


When I made the decision to commit fully to my anti-inflammatory lifestyle, I collated the necessary facts and information. I then scrutinized every product I used in my home. This included food, cleaning products, skin care, beauty and personal hygiene....

May 5, 2017

It would be overwhelming to list all toxic chemicals found in our everyday beauty and household products. But, what we can do is break it down and highlight the most common,that are both inflammatory and harmful to our daily health.

Below, I’ve put together a main list...

May 3, 2017

A true hair care regime is key for stronger, healthier hair. Teamed with the correct products for your hair type, you can’t go wrong!  Firstly, here is a quick review to help you diagnose your hair type.

NORMAL HAIR TYPES usually only have slight dryness or signs of deh...

April 24, 2017

We all strive for radiant, youthful and healthy glowing skin, but how do achieve this naturally? Our skin care routines do help but, what can we do everyday that is quick and easy to boost our skin health and vitality? The answer- Certified Organic Rosehip Oil!


April 22, 2017

Do you really know your TRUE foundation shade?

I’m lucky enough to meet some of our lovely customers at our Love Organics Home Events, all seeking that chemical free lifestyle. They LOVE the free foundation colour match we offer for all attendees. It has lead to many of...

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Hi, I'm Emma H Harvey, but my friends call me "M".

Here is my diary of wellbeing in the form of The M Word Blog. My research began at the diagnosis of an inflammatory illness. Read about my journey and how I can help you today!

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