I'm Back!


You may have noticed there has been a small break since my last post?


I wanted to assure you that the M Word will now resume as normal. The past month has seen my focus placed at the launch of the first Love Organics Company retail shop. It is now in it's 7th week of trading at Heskin Hall Estate in Lancashire! It's really going well, but at times needed my undivided attention.


I also thought I was superwoman (bad move) and as well as doing my best to keep up with my blogs, I attempted to reduce my steroid medication (even worst move), as has been advised by my doctors for some time. However, this seriously backfired and my body obviously wasn't ready for the change, so it took me a while to get back on track. Oh well you live and you learn!


I'm now feeling great and ready to continue my M Word passion and bring you everything and anything anti-inflammatory to improve your quality of life in the most natural way possible.


So normal service resumed from this week! Thank you for being patient with me;-)






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