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It’s no secret- I want to help you achieve an anti-inflammatory lifestyle and this includes your diet and products you use on a daily basis.


The reason I endorse certified organic or natural product, is in today’s world, it is the only way I can be sure that my customer will not come into contact with any unnecessary harmful toxins, which may affect their health in an inflammatory way. The certification process does come at a small cost to the manufacturer, but it does ensure and prove to the customer their natural and organic product does not include any harmful additives to humans, are not tested animals and are sourced as ethically as possible. They make it easy for us and I love them for it!


With The Love Organics Company and The M Word being based around these ethics, I must admit I do get upset when somebody endorsing a non-certified brand, go to extraordinary lengths to not only justify promoting toxic product (which is their prerogative), but also attempt to preach untruths about the very certified companies that go to the trouble to protect us.  With government regulations being very lax in this department, it’s a good job the certifications exist and are used.


This week in particular, I have heard so many absurd statements from consultants and promoters of these mainstream non-certified brands, I felt I have to set a few things straight.


I’ve highlighted the most common untruths below, so you can watch out or even question a brand if they try to tell you…………..


1.They ARE certified. Now, these brands can be quite cute with this question if asked. They undoubtedly know you are referring to their natural or organic status, but they choose to refer to maybe their awards they may have won in a magazine or a “not tested on animals certification” instead (the bunny logo). To be sure, ask specifically about their organic and natural certification and who certifies them? Also, their certification logo should be present on their product and their website?


2.The UK law tells us we must use this certain preservative (which happens to be toxic). What a load on nonsense. I’m sat here in the Love Organics store surrounded by over 15 brands that do not have 1 toxic preservative in them, only natural. Also, most of these companies are UK born or bred, so just another excuse to use a cheaper synthetic ingredient to keep their cost down and convince you it’s healthy!


3.We do use a very small amount of this (toxic) ingredient, but it isn’t enough to cause you any harm. One of my most annoying statements and something to be highly ashamed of.  Don’t you think every brand using anything, which is harmful to us, should take responsibility that they are adding to our daily toxic intake? The fact is it is irrelevant how much there is, the fact it is being used when it is unnecessary and is proven to cause health risks is enough. Teamed with all the toxic brands out there all with the same philosophy and not taking responsibility for their use of ingredients and our governments lack of regulation, it really is not a wonder that we are experiencing more cancer and other serious health conditions than ever before?


4.We use organic and natural ingredients. Great, that’s a good start! But may be ask how much percentage of the overall ingredients are organic and natural? A certified brand would have to clearly state this on the label? A pure mineral makeup brand should be pure mineral, not 10% mineral, contain toxins such as talcum powder, synthetic preservative and colourants, surely?


5.We are 100% natural/organic. One question- prove it! As in point 1- certification will only really prove this statement to be correct.


6.We don’t use organic ingredients, as organic farming is bad for the environment. Of course, I forgot that pesticides, insecticides and herbicides which are not only poisoning our food chain, environment and slowly killing off important species such as the bees, are much healthier for our planet?! Give me a break! An excuse to be lazy with cheap additives, charge you top price and not pay to be certified, in my opinion!


I do hope the above helps in some way, when you’re out and about and want to be sure what you’re investing in. To simply ask a couple of the questions above I recommend, should be enough to confirm either way!


Stay safe,






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