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What would happen to a world without Bees?


I must admit, it does worry me a little of how unaware society is as whole of the massive global Bee decline issue we are facing. After all, Bees are not just nice to look at and see buzzing around the garden. They play a huge part in our food source and the health of our environment. You may learn something new in my Bee facts blog? We're hosting a Save the Bees Event on 19th August , here at our Love Organics Store. So if you're local pop along!


But, why should we love, care for and in effect Save The Bees? Many Bee species are becoming extinct as we speak and 35 different bee species are on the endangered list. But why? In short, habitat loss due to increased building projects, disease, pesticides,farming practices, pollution and climate change are all adding to this incredible insects demise. More facts to take into account are:


1. Bees are resposible for over a third of the food we eat. Anything from your fresh fruit, vegetables and coffee was bought to you by Bees. They are not just honey makers and are essential in us being able to pollinate our crops.

2. Bees are crucial to our economy- without them it would cost UK farmers £1.8 Billion a year to pollinate our crops. Therefore, increasing the cost of our food and our economy would take a huge hit.

3. Bees are a sign of how healthy our envionment actually is. Due to their pollination abilities they are responsible for  pollinating plants, parks and wider countryside, which includes over three-quarters of the UK's wildflowers.

4.Since 1900's,  the UK has lost 20 species of the Bee and their drop in numbers is a sure sign of the negative state of the natural world as a whole. With Governments prioritising business and growth before protecting natural environment, things are looking bleak for our planet and it's natural world.


Safe to say, without Bees we're in serious trouble. But, there are massive campaigns ongoing to take action now, before it's too late to save people and wildlife. Friends of The Earth Bee cause Campaign has secured a National pollinator Strategy from the Governemnt to battle the decline of the Bees in the UK, including keeping bee-harming pesticides out of our fields and gardens.


So what can you do to help save the Bees?


Plant bee-friendly shrubs, herbs and plants in your garden.

Support the Bee Campaigns Nationwide

Make a bee habitat

Give bees a helping hand, give them a drink!A shallow dish of water outdoors, with a frew pebbles for them to land will help them in the Summer.

Buy local and ethical honey


More tips on the Bee Cause can be found at the Friends of The Earth website.


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