October is Breast Cancer Awareness month. Therefore, I’ve compiled a quick checklist for you to consider. It includes necessary lifestyle changes for you to achieve looking and feeling on your ‘A Game”, but are also key points in fighting against Breast Cancer.


Diet- tackle this head on and life will be so much easier moving forward. Inflammatory foods, such as white carbs, processed foods, red meats and too much caffeinated and alcoholic drinks, can all add to your exposure of increasing inflammation in the body. Diseases like Cancer thrive on this, so get your diet in check and you are on well on the right path;-))

Healthier alternatives- introduce the healthier anti-inflammatory options in your diet with unrefined carbs and whole grains, lentils, sweet potato. Watch your portion control and meat intake. More importantly broccoli, raspberries and blueberries have certain enzymes that can help to reduce the risk of Breast Cancer by inhibiting the mutation of carcinogens.


Family products- have you ever thought of what the ingredients in your skincare and beauty products could be doing to your body? Like your diet, if you’re adding inflammatory ingredients daily to your skin via your beauty and skincare regime, at least 60 per cent if this is going into your body. Women are especially at risk taking in about 250-500 more chemicals than any other family member due to the extra products they use daily. It’s very important to control what you can, so as not to help disease to flourish.

Healthier Alternative- At The Love Organics Company we do the research for you, by only promoting certified organic and natural product. Why? When products are certified in this way it proves their non-toxic content. Look for the logo and beware of misleading marketing and packaging claiming to be natural or organic..


Lifestyle- our toxic home environment has never been as high, so again, it’s important not to give in the to the easy life of no exercise or fresh air.

Healthier Alternatives- try not to spend too much time on the computer, in front of the TV, without getting fresh air. Be aerobically effective at least 3 times a week and get as good work/life balance as you can.


Home- as our homes can be 2-3 times more toxic than outside, it is vital we take control of any inflammation this may cause unnecessarily to our bodies. Think about your cleaning products, candles, and laundry cleaners. Even spraying toxic deodorants and aerosols all adds to this toxicity.

Healthier alternatives- you can naturally clean, dehumidify and freshen up your home without toxic products. Salt Lamps are a natural dehumidifier and cleanse the air. Burning organic essential oils can also detoxify the air. The non-toxic Greenscents organic cleaning range work brilliantly and keeping dust to a minimum can be key for your home health!









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