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Happy & Healthy New Year 2018 to you!


Of course, for many of us we feel now is the time to start as we mean to go on and begin a regime of a healthier new year. Whether we indulge a little too much through the festive season or not, diet, weather and lifestyle can all have a negative effect on our bodies, especially in the colder months. Unfortunately, this can be noticeable not just on our waistlines but on our skin and hair too. Tired, dull and lifeless skin can make us feel less than healthy, so why not take a look at some of my natural tips to giving your skin a detoxifying boost:


  1. Invest in an essential oil such as Cedarwood. Maybe add to a salt lamp or a diffuser for an uplifting atmosphere? The antiseptic and astringent properties of this oil balances oily skin and hair and it is extremely rejuvenating and toning for the more tired and dull skin tones.

  2. I don’t know about you, but I always feel so much better when I have hydrated myself with plenty of water? The recommended amount of water to intake daily is two liters. This helps to maintain healthy kidney function, which enables the body to successfully remove the toxins, which cause dull skin. Tea also reduces any puffiness and excess water you may be holding? Use with filtered water and try organic green and white tea for the best results!

  3. Cypress oil, like Cedarwood, is extremely effective stimulating the circulatory system and helping removing toxins. It also has a powerful toning action on the skin and veins, which would ultimately improve the health of your skin.

  4. Try organic body oils with pure essential oils such as Juniper, which is brilliant in treating skin conditions that can cause toxicity accumulating in your body. Keep an eye out for mandarin oil too, as this will help remove waste and toxic materials from your system. Even better why not try and make your own and massage into your skin for the optimum all over body skin health boost!

  5. Geranium has a cooling and balancing effect on the skin and is fine for any skin type! But most importantly it revives and regenerates tired looking skin

  6. Tea also reduces any puffiness and excess water you may be harbouring. Use with filtered water and try organic green and white tea for the best results and to aid detox. This will tone the skin too and the antioxidants will reduce inflammation and premature ageing signs.

  7. The citrus family is extremely important in the world of detoxing. Well known and used regularly in your skincare products, but why? Rich in essential oils they balance, tone and detoxify ALL skin types. Watch out for Lemon, Grapefruit, Lime Organic and bergamot pure certified organic ingredients in your skin care products.


So why not add a little of the above to your bath, skincare regime and even make your own? Try to incorporate the tips above that will help boost your skin health from inside out with hydration and key anti-inflammatory and detoxifying elements. Remember, none organic products can contain harsh and toxic ingredients that work against what we’re trying to achieve and may have a negative and drying effect on your skin. So watch out for the label!


I hope this helps kick your new year off to a positively healthier start. Let me know how you get on!






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