I often get asked why I have a house full of Pink Himalayan Salt Lamps and why I cook with it too?


It is a wonder how this miracle mineral has passed so many of us by, but thankfully I have the facts so you are in the dark no longer!


This amazing salt originates from the salt mines, where it has crystalised and deposited for more that 260 million years! Here are the main reasons why Pink Himalayan salt, in its many forms, is a must have for your home health:


  1. Pink Himalayan salt contains calcium and potassium that are therapeutic and makes it a great stress reliever.

  2. It is a natural dehumidifier and successfully absorbs unwanted moisture in the air, which can affect asthma sufferers, for example. So great for those with certain chest conditions

  3. It helps you sleep, so why not plug in your salt lamp on a timer in your bedroom and add a couple drops of organic lavender oil onto the lamp? It will promote a pure and healthier sleep with the relaxing and purified air around you.

  4. Makes your home environment healthier to live in naturally, as the salt absorbs negative energy and positive ions, which are harmful to our home health especially.

  5. It can improve how your body functions by eradicating positive ions that are created by computers, TV sets, air conditioners, tobacco, smog etc, which are all detrimental to our home health and the air we breathe. But this can also have a negative effect on our body and skin health. When using a salt lamp they generate ions carrying a negative charge, thus creating a healthier climate, which we can often find in the mountains and seaside.

  6. The negative ions the salt lamp leaves in the air have been proven to treat many illnesses and are an effective and natural additional treatment in conditions and disorders such as:

  • Rheumatism

  • Allergies

  • Respiratory problems,

  • Sleeping problems

  • Migraines

  • High blood pressure

  • Physical & psychic disorders


 7. It improves dry skin conditions such as eczema that can be triggered by dust and pollen in the air. The salt can purify the air,                     eliminating the cause and reducing the symptoms along with other treatments!

 8.Other uses for the salt are in your bath and in cooking. Add to your diet and health to maximize its positive effects!


Please contact me directly or customerservices@loveorganicscompany.co.uk who can provide you with information on purchasing a Pink Himilayan Salt accessory for your home health!







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