Unfortunately, there are many brands allowed to package their product and claim to be organic and natural in the UK today. Many of these products are not tested or made to prove how organic or natural they actually are.

But the reality is the non-regulation of these brands are leaving us open to inflammatory toxicity from the cheap, manmade and harmful chemicals they use, to colour, preserve, scent and produce their creation.

So how do you really know what is organic or natural?

 So how do I help you distinguish between those true organic products from the ones which actually contain those all too harmful toxins and chemicals that can harm the human body and the environment in which we live?

Look for the logo..............

If a product shows a certification by an independent organisation, this proves it’s only uses organic and natural ingredients. If a product is certified organic and natural, this is what it means:

  • Their products only contain ingredients that are organic and natural, are sourced by an approved organic farm and do not contain any ingredient which is harmful to humans.

  • Their ingredients are not tested on animals in ANY part of the manufacturing process.

  • All ingredients and products are sourced ethically and are kind to the environment.


Here is a full list of the certifications I would recommend you keep an eye out for which should appear somewhere on the packaging of a product, to prove their authenticity.  


If you have any questions about certification or a product you are unsure about, please contact me m@themwordblog.co.uk



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